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KakaoTalk for PC Latest Version Free Download – [Windows and Mac]


    Who doesn’t want a Free-Calling opportunity?

    You can download KakaoTalk for PC and enjoy the opportunity of free calls and messages. It allows you to chat with anyone you want as long as you need. Using this amazing app is really fun as it offers a lot of interesting features

    KakaoTalk for PC

    What is KakaoTalk for PC?

    KakaoTalk is an android app for Calling and Messaging. You can use the app on a PC with a third-party app. If you need any help you can follow this full post and you will get all solutions.

    App Name KakaoTalk
    App Size 120 MB
    Required Android 4.5 and Up
    Release Date August 23, 2010
    License Type Free

    Why Choose KakaoTalk for PC?

    KakaoTalk is a free app that allows you to call or send messages for free. This app is very easy to use and offers a lot of use. And for these reasons, you should choose this KakaoTalk app for PC.

    How To Use Kakaotalk?

    Using the KakaoTalk apk app is no big deal. To send messages you just need to open the id of a person and write your messages in the text box. And then click on the Send button to send the messages.

    To make a call just click on the audio call or video call icon and the call will be connected.

    Benefits of Using KakaoTalk for PC

    There are a lot of benefits to using the app. Here are some of them.

    • First of all, it will save you money. You can make free calls and save the charge of your operator.
    • This app is free to download and you don’t need to spend money on this.
    • You can chat with your friends all day long and there will be no cost at all.

    KakaoTalk for PC APK Features

    KakaoTalk comes with so many features that people like. All the wonderful features of this app have made it popular among users.

    Fast and Speedy: You can enjoy fast and speedy calling and messaging even if your network speed is slow.

    Free Calls: The KakaoTalk on PC features free calls over the internet. Both you and the person you want to call needs to be connected to the internet and then you can call each other and talk for as long as you want at no cost.

    Free Message: In this app, you can chat with your friends and family members. Sending messages is totally free.

    Default: Also, the app can be set as the default message app so that you can receive all kinds of messages in this single app.

    Emoticons: There are a lot of emoticons available in the app. You can have a lot of fun with these emotions.

    Group: Group Messaging is a very useful feature of this app. Create a group with all of your friends and then chat with one another. You can also make group calls and spend a good time together.

    Voice Filters: This feature the most interesting feature of this app. You can change your voice and have fun with your friends.

    Upcoming 2021 Features – Latest Features

    • Some minor bugs have been fixed and the stability has been improved.
    • Added support option so that users can get immediate assistance.

    KakaoTalk for PC Download

    KakaoTalk for PC

    kakaotalk for pc

    How to Download and Install KakaoTalk on your PC ( Windows 7,8 and 10)

    In this part, we will discuss how to download KakaoTalk for PC. You are here to download the app so you can follow our guide.

    How to Install KakaoTalk for PC Using Android Emulator

    The first guide is for Windows users. By following this you can install KakaoTalk for Windows.

    • First of all, download an android emulator for your PC and install it.
    • Enter the emulator and open Google PlayStore app inside the emulator.
    • Search “KakaoTalk” and the app will show up.
    • Install the app and open it once the installation is finished.
    • Allow, all needed permissions and then you can use the app.

    How to Install KakaoTalk for Mac Using Android Emulator

    And now this one is for KakaoTalk for Mac. All Mac users can use this amazing app easily following this installation guide.

    • Install an android emulator on your mac and open it.
    • Run the Google PlayStore app inside the emulator and search “ KakaoTalk”
    • Now install the app from the search list and open the app.
    • Give all the permissions and then you can send messages using the app.

    KakaoTalk for PC FAQ

    Can I install KakaoTalk on my PC?

    Yes, you can install the KakaoTalk app on your PC. The process is simple and you can do it with an android emulator.

    How do I log into KakaoTalk on PC?

    You can use the KakaoTalk login page in the app or the KakaoTalk web login page on the website to log in to your account.

    Can you download KakaoTalk?

    Yes, you can download KakaoTalk from PlayStore very easily and use it on your device.

    Is KakaoTalk free internationally?

    Yes, the app is free. You can download and use it all for free.

    Final Thoughts

    KakaoTalk for PC is an all-in-one social media app that offers you free messaging and calling features. Best of all it saves you a lot of money that your operator charges you. So, install the app and start using it, and you will obviously like it.

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