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Free Download Psiphon Pro for PC Latest Version – Windows and Mac

    Psiphon Pro for PC Logo

    Sometimes, while surfing on the internet, we found any website or social media platform that seems very interesting to us. But we can not enter into that website for several restrictions. At that moment, Psiphon Pro can help you to bypass these restrictions.

    But how can you use Psiphon Pro for PC? Don’t worry. We are here for you. We will inform you of all the details that you need to know about this amazing software.

    Psiphon Pro for PC

    What is Psiphon Pro for PC?

    Psiphon Pro is actually a free VPN app. VPN means Virtual Private Network. That means by using Psiphon Pro, you can safely browse the internet. No one can snoop your data.

    It also helps you to get access to any website or platform on the internet. You can easily bypass the restrictions on your favorite sites. Psiphon is the best way to access an uncensored Internet.

    App Name Psiphon Pro
    App Size 29 MB
    Required Android 4.0 and up
    Release Date 2 November 2015
    License Type Free

    Benefits of using Psiphon Pro

    Psiphon Pro will make your internet using so easy and accessible. There are so many paybacks of using Psiphon Pro for PC’s latest version. We have found some of them for you. They are-

    • When you are connected to a wifi hotspot, there is a massive risk of being hacked. But this software will give you the required security.
    • Some sites may be restricted in your country. You can access them using it.
    • If your organization or institution’s website is controlled, but you want to enter that website, Psiphon Pro is the best helper for you.
    • When you don’t want to leave any record of visiting any website, this app will be the savior for you.

    Psiphon Pro for PC APK features

    Psiphon Pro will provide you many outstanding features. And you can easily get all of them without any cost. So without wasting time, we are showing you the key features of the Psiphon Pro. Just take a look.

    • There is no need for any type of registration. Just download or connect entirely, and you can use the app.
    • Psiphon’s universal server structure provides full unrestricted access to anything on the internet.
    • Configuration settings allow you to personalize and customize your interface.
    • VPN applications are completely under your control, and you can choose which ones you want to use.
    • The universal network consists of millions of servers and specific entry points that keep you connected 24 hours.
    • It’s totally peer-reviewed and trustworthy.

    How to Download and Install Psiphon Pro for PC ( Windows 7,8 and 10 or Mac)

    If you are worried about the complexity of the installation process of Psiphon Pro, then just relax. It’s an effortless task like using any other app on your pc. An emulator like BlueStacks, Nox, or MeMu is mandatory for you when you want to get the Psiphon Pro for PC cracked on your laptop or Mac operating system. We will give you the complete guideline for the installation of the Psiphon Pro. Your job is to follow these steps, and then you can easily install Psiphon Pro for PC Windows 10, 8,7, or Mac. You easily download Psiphone Pro following our guidelines.

    How to install Psiphon Pro Using BlueStacks Android Emulator

    BlueStack is one of the top-rated and available android emulator apps. It supports almost all kinds of android apps and games. You need to follow the below steps to download and install Psiphon Pro.

    1. At first, you need to download BlueStacks from their official website.
    2. To install BlueStacks Android Emulator on your Windows or Mac device, you have to double-click to open the downloaded file.
    3. It will launch a wizard which will help you get started. Simply follow the on-screen instructions. The installation will need just a few minutes.
    4. When the installation is completed, you have to double-click the BlueStacks icon on your screen to start the Emulator.
    5. Then drive to Google Play Store and search for “Psiphon Pro.”
    6. Among the search results, find it and click to install.
    7. After that, the installation of this software on your PC (Windows/Mac) is a matter of few seconds.
    8. When the app is successfully installed, now it’s ready to use. Go to the BlueStacks home screen and click on it.

    How to install Psiphon using Nox Android Emulator

    Nox Player is another top-rated android emulator which is generally used on Windows 10. In today’s day, it’s considered one of the fastest Android emulator apps. The underneath steps will guide you to download and install Psiphon Pro using Nox Android Emulator.

    1. The very first step is to download Nox Emulator and install it on your computer.
    2. Then double-click to start it. To proceed, click on accept.
    3. You are now using the Android operating system. Sign up for the Google PlayStore.
    4. After that, type “Psiphon Pro” into the search bar, then press the install button.
    5. Once the installation is over, you can open the software and start using it.

    Psiphon Pro FAQ

    What does Psiphon do?

    Psiphon is a free and open-source censorship-bypassing platform. This platform employs a mixture of secure communication and obfuscation technologies (VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy). Mainly Psiphon was created with users in “Internet rivals” countries in mind.

    Is Psiphon free?

    Yes, you can download and use Psiphon free of cost.

    I’ve heard of malware called “Psiphon.” Is Psiphon safe?

    On several websites, a fake release of Psiphon 3 for Windows has been discovered. The most prevalent version is a “” (sic) zip file that contains an executable of the same name. Legitimate variants of Psiphon can be found on Softonic and elsewhere, and Softonic does not allow malware distribution.

    How can I know my version is safe?

    Psiphon for Windows has a SHA1 thumbprint that is the identity of the secure version. You need to right-click the executable and then select Digital Signatures at the top of the Properties window. You will find the right thumbprint and further instructions on the Psiphon website.

    Can I use the Psiphon Pro extension?

    This VPN tool doesn’t have any extension facility. You have to install the app, connect to a VPN server and then you will get VPN facility on your entire PC. However, if you want to use a browser extension you can try Hola VPN. It comes with a built-in browser.

    Final Thoughts

    VPN is a very important tool for everyone and nowadays, Psiphon Pro has become a popular app for providing security services. While using it, we can safely visit any website on the internet. No restriction can bind us from browsing our desired sites.

    Now that you have known all about the installation process of Psiphon Pro for PC, start downloading it. And add extra protection to your internet browsing.

    Have safe browsing!

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